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I'm not normally one to ship bash, but this just has to be said...

Now, Nick and Renard is not my ship. I just don't get it, and it's a ship I've tended to mock to friends when I'm annoyed about a lack of Nick/Monroe or Nick/Juliette... Or Monroe/Rosalee. Or Hank/Wu. Or whatever. I'm really not picky, just why so many with Nick and the Captain lately? Nick and Sean just isn't my thing, so it would be nice to have some options.

But Nick/Renard is not the ship I'm about to bitch about, so brace yourselves.

I am perfectly willing to take back everything I have said about Nick/Renard in the past. Have the fuck at it, fellow crazy fangirls, and have fun...

Just stop writing fics about how Nick and Adalind having a kid means they're going to fall in love. Stop.

Just fucking STOP IT.

Nick/Adalind didn't even make sense before her drive for vengence gained her a cute little bundle of rape and completely ruined his life. Now it's's gross, guys.

If you've gotta ship Adalind (I don't even know why anyone likes Adalind), just do it with Renard. It's canon, and Sean has displayed an alarming and equally canon lack of good judgement when it comes to personal relationships. So there.

But seriously, these Nick/Adalind fics make me want to murder someone...

This was an actual summary of an actual fic on
It might be crazy, but there is no denying that Nick and Adalind have chemistry. Story takes place following events of Season 4. Adalind is carrying Nick's child. Now what? An exploration of what could be their relationship?

*vomits copiously into a bin*

*there is blood*

This is not chemistry, people. That strong emotion you're witnessing is animosity. It is hatred. And it is there for very good reasons.

Let's break this down for anyone whose memory is a little fuzzy:

Adalind tried to murder Nick's aunt. She raped Nick's partner and almost killed him. She put his girlfriend into a coma that erased him from her memory. She raped Nick and took his powers. Getting those powers back turned Juliette into a monster, and ultimately resulted in not just her death, but his mother's as well.

Just because her raping him (do these people keep forgetting that part?) resulted in a baby doesn't mean it's true love. Nick would have to be a fucking sociopath to hit that.

And that's not even taking into account all the reasons that Adalind should have for not even going there. But then Adalind has consistently shown herself to be not only willing to chase after any man she thinks could put her at an advantage, but also too dumb to live, so...

These stories—and their writers—make me sick.

(And I swear, if the show ever makes this ship canon, I'm probably going to stop watching.)


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