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I'm drowsy and not feeling all that great, so I'll going to try to keep this fairly concise.

I recently went looking online for some sort of To Do List program. I found a site called HabitRPG Habitica that manages to combine the task list with, you guessed it, a roleplaying game. The site allows you to track your daily tasks and habits and set accomplishment goals. Completing tasks awards gold and experience which can be used to buy items and level up your avatar, while missing daily tasks and indulging bad habits sap your character's health.

My mother and I have both been tossing around some self-improvement talk lately, so we've decided to give it a try together. We'll see how it goes.

(Since one of my habit goals is to start posting actively on LJ again, if this approach bears fruit, no doubt I'll continue to talk about it here.)

Other stuff:
The Ovening
We had been without a functioning oven for a very long time. I'm fairly certain it was at least a year, based on the memory of two Thanksgivings spent at my sister's instead of at home. Thankfully, the era of no baking has finally come to an end. My brother-in-law was fortunate to have a friend whose parents were getting a new oven so we've wound up with their old one. I can only assume they were trading up to something more energy efficient, because so far it works perfectly.

While I've yet to undertake any major projects, I have enjoyed making a few oven-based dinners, and treated my parents to raisin-cinnamon bread pudding, which my dad quite vocally enjoyed.

(Not that he's at all hard to please...he'd probably eat anything if you added enough cinnamon. Lol)

There's a 3-dozen batch package of molasses cookie mix that has been sitting in the cabinet for at least that whole year that I'm going to have to make sooner rather than later, but after that's taken care of there's only one thing on my baking bucket list: scones.

Gardening II: The Revegetable
My previous (possibly undocumented) attempts at an interest in improving our garden fell through due to a lack of direction. I'm hoping this time around will be better. My sister and her husband gifted us with a large gardening box and some vegetable plants. In addition to the green bellpepper, tomato and squash they gave us, I've also made an attempt at starting some potatoes and ginger from sprouting kitchen stock. I've also revived the composting project I started last year.

(No, I don't know why the above topics morphed into horror film parodies...)

Oh, also my baby sister, Kenna, and her fiance came down for a visit in May. That was wonderful. I've lost my reservations about Destin: I was right, my first impressions were flawed by the circumstances. He's a good guy. Even my dad has decided he isn't awful (especially once he realized he was actually remembering her first boyfriend, who really was sort of a shit head). And they plan to move back to California within a year or so, which will be great, 'cause I miss her.

This wasn't remotely coherent, but at least it was something. Maybe more on a few things later.
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