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Well, it's certainly been a while since I've done one of these...

What I'm working on:

Born From the Jaws of Dragons [The Hobbit]
Details: This is my project for The Hobbit Big Bang. The basic premise being a resurrection fix-it following Battle of Five Armies, pumped full of all the species dysphoria and identity angst I'm known to employ in my fics on a regular basis.
I started it for NaNo and got a good seven chapter, ~22k word lead on it. The outline is mostly complete. The deadline for the first draft is April. Until then this is a priority, but if not completed in time it might drop down the list a little.
Wordcount: 22,847
Outline: 10,670

Grimm Reflections [CastlexGrimm]
Overall Progress: I've finished and posted a few chapters since I stopped keeping regular updates on writing progress. Right now I'm working on Chapter 8 right now, which is about half started (I think calling it "half finished" would be too optimistic). After that, the fic looks to have one more chapter, and possibly an epilogue. This is the fic I want to see done the most. Not that I don't enjoy the story, but leaving a WIP sitting without updates for multiple months (since August) just makes me miserable.
Chapter Wordcount: 925
Chapter Outline: 879
Remaining Outline: 1,871

The Robber Bridegroom [CastlexFables]
Overall Progress: Almost nil, considering how long this story has been sitting. I've decided it needs to be one of my higher priority projects, if for no other reason than because the outline is rather air-tight, and it has a solid ending.
Prior Wordcount: 5,113
Wordcount: 5,206 (+93)
Prior Outline: 3,972
Outline: 4,217 (+245)

Other fics (i.e. stuff I can hopefully avoid working on long enough to finish the above, but on the immediate roster for later).

Zeitgeist: Five Years Gone [CastlexHeroes]
Not a direct sequel to "Black Edelweiss", but one I think I need to finish in order to focus on the proper sequel. Takes place in the "Five Years Gone" timeline from season one of Heroes, focusing on Kevin and Javier's tribulations following the destruction of Manhattan in the explosion and "Nathan's" presidency.
Mea Maxima Culpa [Castle - Genus AU]
A coda to "Duo In Carne Una", needs getting out of the way before I can focus on the proper sequel "Ubi Sunt".
Bulletproof [Castle - Superhero AU]
A superhero AU I plotted out years ago, never finished. But it's got a wordcount behind it, and if I buckle down I could probably finish this one.
Lucky Number [The Hobbit - Orcs AU]
A few rabid plotbunnies bit me reading fic on the Hobbit kinkmeme. This one is probably the most likely to see completion. Very simply, an AU where Thorin Oakenshield spent his early childhood (by dwarven standards) raised by a pack of orcs.

Aside from these there are a few others, mostly ficlets from other existing AUs, or bunny-inflicted plot ideas that are rattling around half-formed.
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