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Since I've been inactive on LJ, but am now trying not to be, I figured I'd do a full inventory of all the little mental parasites that are hopping around taking up space in my subconscious. My plan of action is still to focus on "Grimm Reflections", "The Robber Bridegroom" and the Hobbit Big-Bang fic first, but there are a lot more ideas than that driving me to distraction...

In the past few years I've made the (mostly unsuccessful) effort to diversify the fandoms I write for. A lot of random movies have thrown their hat into the bunny ring. I'm recovering from a brief obsession with the Hobbit films, so there's quite a few ideas stemming from there too.


"Lucky Number" (The Hobbit, PG-13, Gen):
Background: Inspired by "Nature's Bastards" by mdseiran and "Frailty by flollius.
Plot: A very AU story where Thorin Oakenshield spent a large chunk of his childhood raised by a band of orcs before being returned to Erebor.
Theme: Most of the fic would center on the pressure Thorin is under as heir to re-conform to dwarven culture after having lived among their worst enemies.
The Delay: I'm not actively working on this one, but besides that I don't have a real ending. It's mostly pre-quest and I could probably find an ending there, but there are certain scenes I've imagined that would have to take place during the course of the films so I'm unsure how I'd tie this one up.
Status: WIP, on-hold.

"The Unwilling" (The Hobbit, PG, Gen):
Background: Originally begun as an entry for [ profile] spook_me with the prompt "Dark Faeries", the idea veered swiftly off course before being bogged down by the impulse to engage in con-langing.
Plot: After a close-call with death in his early childhood, Kíli is left unable to communicate with his family. Fíli throws himself into the task of learning to understand him, but it isn't until years later that he will learn the truth about what happened to brother that day.
Theme: Revisits a lot of the tropes I played with in the Genus stories regarding identity, just with obscure Tolkien lore and con-langing. Lots of con-langing.
The Delay: Did I mention the con-langing? Seriously. This fic might have happened in time for spook_me if my brain hadn't insisted that delving into the creation of a new Middle-Earth dialect was 100% necessary to the plot. So that's on hold until I finish some more cooperative stories. I'm not going to waist my time on that for now.
Status: WIP, on-hold.

Other bunnies for The Hobbit:

Title: "Bog Iron"
Plot: Unauthorized sequel to "Counting Games" by Tawabids, set during the quest for Erebor. (I do intend to ask permission to work on this, but since I'm not actively working on it I haven't quite worked up the nerve to.)
Status: WIP, on-hold.

Title: "Dogs of War"
Plot: Thorin contracts warg lycanthropy. Only, were-wargs work a lot like the werewolves in "Wolf" or "Ginger Snaps" where the transformation is not just slow but also permanent. Slightly dark.
Status: Bunny, mostly undeveloped.

Title: "Half-Wise"
Plot: A reincarnation story where Thorin, Fíli and Kíli return to Erebor among the hobbits of the Fellowship (Kíli and Fíli are obvious, but Thorin's probably not who you'd expect).
Status: Bunny, mostly undeveloped.


"New Normal" (Grimm, PG-13, Hank Griffin/Jarold Kampfer):
Background: A quick, shippy scene taking place somewhere between the episodes "Tribunal" and "Maréchauseé". Because I don't care how dumb it is, I will never not ship these two.
Plot: Hank and Jarold come separately to the same conclusion: with the existence of wesen no longer a secret hanging between them, it might be worthwhile to see if the feelings they had for each other back in high school are still there.
Theme: I don't care how dumb it is, I will never not ship these two. What? That's totally valid a theme...
The Delay: Priorities and lost momentum, mostly. Season 4 of Grimm was pretty harsh. This could probably be finished if I wasn't focusing on other things.
Status: WIP. Fully outlined, but unfinished.

"Type Casting" (Grimm, PG-13, Hank Griffin/Jarold Kampfer):
Background: Technically a sequel to "New Normal", but probably doesn't need to be.
Plot: In the early days of his relationship with Jarold, Hank learns that all four of his own ex-wives were wesen. Clearly he has a type he wasn't even aware of, and apparently there's a reason...
Theme: The concept is basically crack, but knowing me it will probably wind up being played painfully straight for the full measure of potential identity angst.
The Delay: Probably won't work on this seriously until "New Normal" is completed.
Status: Partly outlined.

"Pack Mentality" (Guardians of the Galaxy, PG-13, Gen):
Background: A kinkmeme fill for a prompt I saw on guardiankink, requesting wesen!Peter Quill.
Theme: Peter's awkward wesen puberty—in SPACE! Plus almost-a-decent-dad!Yondu.
The Delay: Actually mostly finished, just lacking an ending. The difficulties can best be summed up as "space pirate bar mitzvah".
Status: Almost finished, just being stubborn. This one should be done already, but somehow it's not.

"The Raven and the Hound" (Maleficent, R, Diaval/the Captain):
Background: Maleficent is not a fandom that lends itself easily to male slash, but [ profile] yeaka wrote a few fics pairing Diaval with Stefan's poor abused captain of the guard, which inspired me to work on something similar. Only planning spiraled way out of hand, and would probably be a rather long fic if I ever got around to writing it.
Plot: Maleficent offers Diaval a reward for his long years of service, offering him the chance to gain control over his own form. In order for her efforts to succeed, however, he must live as a man among for a full year. Humanity proves even more confusing than he might have thought.
Theme: The usual themes of alienation and identity angst. Diaval was an ordinary raven before he was a man, and he's been so many other things since. Freed from Maleficent's service, figuring out who and what he is on his own proves something of a challenge.
The Delay: This is one of those ones that would probably have flowed well if I'd managed to come up with necessary details for the story's antagonist. That character and their goals remain too nebulous at present to move forward with the story.
Status: Partially outlined, on-hold.


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