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Meant to do another post sooner. Got distracted by stuff. Mostly good-ish stuff, I guess?

It's farmer's market season again. This is both good and bad. Good, because my mom starts buying fresh ingredients that can inspire me to break out of my usual rotation of dishes at at dinner time. Bad, because on nights when I'm lacking in inspiration I'm still left looking at a fridge full of fresh produce and wondering if I'm ever going to be able to cook all of it before it spoils...

But fresh beets, though. The beets make it worth it...

My roommate is trying to draw me back into the world of text-based online roleplaying games.

Recently his MUD of choice enacted a pwipe (player wipe). For those unfamiliar with MUDs, a pwipe is when everyone's existing characters get deleted and the game starts over. Sometimes they make new characters, sometimes they make new versions of their old characters with tweaks. Often there's been some sort of shift in the setting or in the game's code that makes play somewhat different.

It's basically a new timeline. Or like a series reboot for RP.

It's been a long time since I roleplayed on MUDs for any significant period of time.  Whenever I try, I tend to experience this anxiety that makes it hard to actually bring my character into the game.  I've mostly finished creating my character, but he's been sitting in character creation for three days because I've been too chickenshit to take him on grid.
I'm enjoying the hell out of American Gods. Even if the last episode was a bit of a pacing drag. Still, the introduction of one of my favorite tropes (and Audrey, god, poor Audrey) made every moment worth it.

Also super excited about Preacher returning at the end of June. That was a great show.

I still have the last season of Grimm on the DVR. I should probably get around to watching it at some point. But the whole Adalind thing still just chaps me... Plus, with my luck with favorite characters Hank probably dies in the finale or something. :/

Fallout! I have been playing so much Fallout. I've got a decent start on turning The Castle into a thriving base, but what I really need is to claim Spectacle Island. That way I can assign all my Castle peeps to defense for the big battle coming up and let the folks on the island deal with providing the food they need. Because, really, there's not a whole lot of farmland in that fort...and Spectacle is pretty much all fertile planting land...

Or, it will be once I kick out the mirelurks, of course.

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