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Tuesday, 20 September 2011 10:05 am
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So, yeah, another AIM conversation. This time, I was reading a Hawaii Five-0 fic, and a (male, straight, married) aquaintance of mine popped up to tell me about his day. Anyone even remotely aware of my "taste" in internet literature can probably work the subject matter and why it was so hilarious...

[Aquaintance] 9:53 am
new girl at starbucks

[Aquaintance] 9:53 am whip cream everywhere!

Hazgarn 9:54 am Oh my god. I'm laughing so hard because of what I was reading when you popped up with that sentance. LOL

Hazgarn 9:54 am So. Yeah. Okay.

Hazgarn 9:54 am Starbucks.

[Aquaintance] 9:56 am yeah

Hazgarn 9:57 am Hey, the warning is right in my AIM status.

For the unenlightened, my AIM status currently reads as follows:

"One of these days I'm going to have to see if I can go an entire day without steering someone else's conversation toward bestiality, cannibalism, gay sex or Heroes."

The shit people put up with from me, I swear to God sometimes.

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So, yeah.  Expect the fic that inspired this little exchange to be coming to an insanity box (i.e. journal) near you:

Hazgarn (5:04:57 AM): Heh

Hazgarn (10:39:48 PM): The inevitable has happened.

[Friend] (10:56:41 PM): Oh?

Hazgarn (10:57:02 PM): I've finally managed to combine my two deepest and most abiding passions.

[Friend] (10:57:11 PM): ..Cannibalism and Gay sex?

Hazgarn (10:57:23 PM): You know me so well.

[Friend] (10:57:26 PM): XD

Hazgarn (10:57:43 PM): I knew you wouldn't disappoint me.

[Friend] (10:58:03 PM): You made my friend Josh snort soda from his nose.

Hazgarn (10:58:08 PM): lol

Hazgarn (10:58:22 PM): Bonus!

Also, in case you thought this was a joke? It's not. I'm seriously that weird.


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