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This is the essay I spent Friday night and Saturday writing for my Visual Language & Culture class. I wound up getting an 80 on it, which is fucking merciful considering the paper was written in less than 36 hours, and I had time for only minimal proofreading. This let me pass with a B- in the class, and I'm incredibly freaking relieved at that.

I've decided not to proofread this essay further before posting it, because I feel it preserves the spirit of desperation in which the paper was written.

Behold the chaos of my academic scramblings... )
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Here is the essay I've been whining about. I've re-posted it from my "professional blog". Otherwise known as: "That place I can display my work, where it can live free of association from my usual depravity."

It's much more readable in the other account's style, so I highly suggest reading it there instead.

Originally posted by [ profile] spiders_ilk at A Faceless Kind of Terror: The Modern Mythology of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos

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My brain decided to spit out an idea for my research paper at the eleventh hour before turning in my first rough draft that, while awesome, would basically require me to rewrite almost the entire paper.

So...yeah. Whee.


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