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Three days in, and I've already gotten a bit discourage. I've only got three hundred words... But that's not why I'm probably not going to make it.

No, the reason I probably won't make it is because Zeretal has dragged into playing a new MUD... The game is set in modern day New England, but I'm apparently going to be playing a Bronze Age sorcerer from an alternate dimension who can shapeshift into a dinosaur.

You know. Because that happens.
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A pushy fucking pusher who pushes. He got me hooked on Magic: The Gathering. The bastard. I got him back by finding a program to play it online, called Octgn. Now we're both wrapped up with deck building, testing, and more smack-talking than usual. I've spent the last four days building random-ass decks. I've already got a green spider/druid deck and a black faerie/boggart deck. I'm rather proud of my dark faerie deck. I managed to beat Josh's vampire deck once, and got close a second time, but mostly he's trounced me. I also want to make a black Geiger-themed deck and a zombie deck. And my sister, Kenna, is working on a merfolk deck.


So, yeah. Anyone interested in playing/learning to play MtG online using Octgn? It takes a while to set up, but it's so worth it.
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In other news, I'm still hard at work (*nervous laugh*) on my story for this year's Ficathon for [ profile] ryanandesposito. Sadly, however, inspiration (or lack thereof) has driven me to change my plans. Instead of my superhero story (apologies to [ profile] roachstar, I'll get to it someday T_T), I've wound up finally developing my CastlexSupernatural crossover bunny. I've already completed two chapters, and if I really work at it, I'm sure I'll have the third and fourth finished in time, along with the epilogue.


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