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Okay, first and foremost, I finally heard from my missing player. She's...well, she's not okay (i.e. she is still in the hospital, and in misery, and probably will be for a while), but that's still better than any of the possibilities my overactive imagination had been throwing at me.

So...that really sucks, but at least now I know.

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And I think there was more stuff I wanted to talk about, but I've either forgotten it, or will have to wait to see how other things turn out.

Friday, 7 February 2014 04:28 pm
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I've clearly been doing a terrible job at that "regular journaling" thing in my resolutions.

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Three days in, and I've already gotten a bit discourage. I've only got three hundred words... But that's not why I'm probably not going to make it.

No, the reason I probably won't make it is because Zeretal has dragged into playing a new MUD... The game is set in modern day New England, but I'm apparently going to be playing a Bronze Age sorcerer from an alternate dimension who can shapeshift into a dinosaur.

You know. Because that happens.


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