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I've been following my usual pattern with the new crossover series. You know the one: Idea, then plotting a whole goddamned outline, then getting ideas for prequels, sequels, and assorted nonsense. Then I open up GIMP and start making graphics.

Because I'm mental.

This is the banner I've created for the Grimm crossover. I'm not entirely happy with it. I think that's mostly because of the corner bit... I was having trouble getting the lettering to look like it was printed on paper. No matter what I did, it either came out too blurry or too crisp. Also, Kevin seems...very boring in this image. Which sucks, considering the larger fic in this 'verse pretty much revolves around him.

I am, however, quite happy with how my manip of löwen!Javi turned out. I's cheesy as hell, but aside from the sheer hopeless nerdery of having spent an hour or so altering a pic to turn Jon Huertas into a lion furry, I think it looks awesome.

So, yeah. That's all for now. I think perhaps this is deserving of a Moment of Zen, so in the spirit of Grimm I give you...cellos.

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My internet radio of choice is Jango. It's fairly easy to get the hang of, loads easily for a shitty computer or connection, and isn't overburdened with commercials for stupid crap. My main gripe with it is that it has "featured" music that it pokes you with from time to time to try out, which pops up on your station until you tell it not to, regardless of how poorly the genres may fit.

That said, sometimes the featured songs are pretty awesome:

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Played Skyrim. I could claim it was research for that fusion I've wanted to do for a while, but...meh. I just wanted to kill some skeletons.

Installed Sims 2, which obviously means I'm going to wind up doing a Ryan/Esposito house (I did Matt/Mohinder+Molly last time I had the game). Sooner or later you'll probably be seeing screenshots of that.

So, yeah...I've done absolutely nothing productive today.

Also, couldn't think of a good song to share today. Ran out of time if I wanted to get a post in before midnight. My sister suggested this.

(Okay, it's cute watching her jump around to this one, but it's not my favorite song in the world.
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My sister's friend shared this on her facebook. Five people, one guitar. Might be the best song in the history of ever.:


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