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One of the odd things I love about Archive of Our Own is that, every once in a while, I'll find worthwhile reading there other than fic. There are a fair number of fandom essays hosted on the site, from author's arguments for or against a specific ship or characterization, to handy "how to" guides for certain tropes.

"Real Wolf Packs and How They Relate to Teen Wolf Werewolves" by burntotears )

"Ignorance of the Privileged: Problems With Erasing or Overlooking the Evidence of Hatred" by TeaOli )

"Bad Romance: Dracula, Twilight and Rape Culture" by 100indecisions )
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I'm hardly part of Five-0 fandom. I've written one story, barely seen a couple episodes, and only read fic for it from time to time. Still, this post really spoke to me. I've been feeling a lot of my enthusiasm for writing begin to drain in the last year. Part of it may simply be burnout, but a lot of it has been just how quiet fandom seems to have gotten of late. I write because I love to, and because the stories that pop into my head will drive me crazy if I don't, but there are times when I feel like no one is reading, and I really begin to question why I even bother.

I really feel this challenge could benefit everybody—every fandom, every community out there. I think that just by acknowledging authors and posters whenever we can however we might be able to inject new life into the internet places we all love.

I'm going to be sharing this in the comms I am the most active in, and I encourage you to do the same.

tkeylasunset's Fandom Love Challenge )

I'm taking the Fandom Love Challenge. Will you?
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This vid was recced to me by [ profile] game_byrd, and I just had to share it.

I'm not actively watching Castle anymore (for the sake of my own mental health), but it's an awesome video, and I thought the vidder did a great job of fitting it to Castle while keeping the Firefly feel.
Video under cut, because LJ is being weird. )
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I still haven't had the chance to see the Avengers (soon though, god, I hope it's soon), but that hasn't stopped me from devouring fic of it. And related to it, what with the individual movies and such that I have seen.

One of the things that I have been hoping to find above all else is really good JARVIS fic. There hasn't been as much as there has with all the other characters, because he's such a minor part of even the Iron Man films, and no matter how sexy Paul Bettany's voice is, there's not really a face to hook to that voice to. But yeah, I've been looking for...anything really. JARVIS getting a body, somehow. JARVIS falling for Tony. JARVIS falling for anyone, really (and honestly, the best scenario my mind has thrown out so far is the one where Steve somehow develops feelings for JARVIS and goes to Tony as if declaring intentions to a girl's father... *snickers*).

Tonight I found a seriescalled "Deus Ex" by icarus_chained. These stories weren't any of those things. They were something completely new and unanticipated and else and awesome. This is a gen story about Tony, JARVIS, and Bruce and the unique dynamic that exists between them in this 'verse. About the nature of trust, power, ownership, identity, responsibility, fear, courage, hope, and sacrifice.

It's just... You know those buttons I have about personal identity and perception? This presses those buttons. It presses all those goddamned buttons. Hard. God, I just can't do it justice without flailing. Just READ IT, okay?
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I'm subscribed to a lot of newsletters through email, most of them by accident. Sometimes I read the articles, but mostly not, because most of the subscriptions came as a consequence of some petition or another, so many of the articles are political in nature. The state of things right now is such that, mostly, those articles just wind up making me mad about something that I (pessimistically) have a hard time believing humanity will ever be "healthy" enough to fix, so it just turns into impotent rage that doesn't really help anything.

Today, though, I found an article through AlterNet that I actually managed to get into without hating the world. It is called "Why We Cry: The Fascinating Psychology of Emotional Release", and I thought was very interesting. It is a look at the biochemstry behind tears, both their cause and their importance, and how that sometimes gets fouled up through cultural perceptions and confused responses.

 I've probably said (somewhere) how I have a tendency to feel like an abstraction. If nothing else, a few discussions and posts from others on my flist have had me thinking about it a lot. Sometimes it seems like I'm "in my head" too much, or don't feel a connection between my thoughts and the world around me. And a lot of my understanding of emotion comes from fiction, where what the character is feeling is often right there on the page—stylized, well defined, and easy to see—so translating that understanding of words on paper to what's going on inside my brainmeat can be kind of hard for me. I don't often really have an awareness of my own emotions when I'm not being overwhelmed by them. So, naturally, I was interested in how the article talks about feelings flowing from thoughts rather than the other way around. With that in mind, I guess it doesn't seem so strange not to know what I'm feeling, so long as I know what I'm thinking.

I don't know. I guess overall, the perspective in this article makes a lot of sense to me. While it talks about the previous "steam-kettle" image of emotional expression as intuitive, this feels more "real" and "natural" to me. More relevant to how I've experienced the world.

Wtf: Recc off a Recc

Friday, 4 May 2012 05:29 pm
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A while back I recommended the webcomic Artifice (a recommendation I still wholeheartedly stand behind). I never expected to find fic of this comic, but as I was stalking a few authors I'd seen hanging around [ profile] avengerskink I discovered Delta Seven Epsilon Niner by [ profile] amuly. Nothing epic, but its a short, sweet little missing scene, and I enjoyed it dearly.

Read this, but only if you've read the whole comic (it spoils pretty much...everything). And if you haven't read the whole comic, go read that and then read this anyway. :)
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My internet radio of choice is Jango. It's fairly easy to get the hang of, loads easily for a shitty computer or connection, and isn't overburdened with commercials for stupid crap. My main gripe with it is that it has "featured" music that it pokes you with from time to time to try out, which pops up on your station until you tell it not to, regardless of how poorly the genres may fit.

That said, sometimes the featured songs are pretty awesome:

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I've always been a huge fan of bizarre plots, complex turns and (usually) unexpected twists. These aren't all, or maybe not even the best such films out there, but these are the ones I have personally enjoyed the most.

A few of my favorite trippy, twisted, and downright bizarre films. )


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