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Title: Weird
Series: Life
Fandoms: Castle
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Humor.
Details: Slash, AU, genre!crack, zombies, silliness, embarrassment, misunderstandings, arguments (almost), unbetad.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, OCs.
Wordcount: 763
Summary: In which Javier does a very good job of not acting like a jealous idiot, but Kevin is bit of a boob, and somehow they almost wind up having a fight anyway.
Notes: What happens when I stay up past 6 am trying to squeeze the last few days of progress out of my NaNo? Why, I get ambushed out of nowhere by a ficlet for a series I haven't managed to complete anything for in more than two years.

"Will you at least stop smiling like a goddamned idiot?" )
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Title: Need
Series: Life
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Friendship, Family.
Warnings: Reference to past medical recovery. OCs
Details: Slash, AU, genre!crack, zombies, hurt/comfort, platonic physical affection, emotional vulnerability, skin hunger, diabetes like woah.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, Richard Castle. Reggie Simpson (OC).
Wordcount: 1,593
Summary: Sometimes the strongest thing a person can do is allow themselves to lean on others.
Notes: Revisits a few scenes from part two of "Quality of Life" and finishes immediately after "Heart Attack".

One thing he had absolutely failed to anticipate was how much he would miss being touched... )

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Series: Life
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Angst, PWP.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, religious intolerance, unbetad.
Details: Slash, AU, genre!crack, zombies, bigotry, religion, doublethink, blasphemy, personal identity, introspection, smut, orgasm control, fingering, oral sex, oral fixation, rough sex, rimming.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan.
Wordcount: 1,709
Summary: Patience is a virtue, but it can also be a vice...
Notes: This one was pretty much just waiting for Solo Duet to be finished to give it the necessary push. It takes place a significant time later, probably several months, but it doesn't make as much sense without that other fic.
Again, while I am myself an Agnostic (with Discordian leanings) I have nothing against respectful persons of faith, whatever their beliefs, and no offense is meant by the references to religion herein.

Javier felt his physical limitations gave him more than enough license to get creative. )
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Title: Solo Duet
Series: Life
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Humor, PWP, Angst.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unbetad.
Details: Slash, AU, genre!crack, zombies, awkwardness, naughtiness, teasing, sexual dysfunction, masturbation, exhibitionism, dirty talk.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan
Wordcount: 1,241
Summary: Life isn't always perfect, but it often doesn't have to be.
Notes: Just a little early-relationship snippet from the Life 'verse (maybe a few days to a week after the end of Quality of Life) that's been sitting around unfinished for ages. I believe it was initially inspired by MMOM atleast two years ago, but never finished until now.

And Kevin knew he was babbling, but seeing Javier looking uncertain like that did all kind of namelessly unhappy things to him. )
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Anyone who has read my Castle AU, Life, will understand why. T_T

(That said, it sounds awesome. Hopefully they'll play it here in the U.S. sooner or later.)
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I blame [ profile] uberniftacular for this. Her works under this meme were brought up in her recent Icon Meme, and I was inspired.

(Oh, and if you think this is at all interesting, you should check out her show Underground. I would totally watch the shit out of that...)

Readers of my Life AU fics for Castle may recognize Reggie Simpson and Dr. Janet Waters, as they were both minor OCs in those stories. Because this version of Slice of Life builds off of Reggie's role in that, some characters reflect Castle characters somewhat in their roles, but I promise they are not the same people.

Though, it's entirely [ profile] cyren_2132's fault if I wind up attempting to write this as a novel for NaNo. -.-

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea.
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them.
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios, and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal and/or the [ profile] isurrendered community on DW or LJ.

Title: Slice of Life
Prompt: "A zombie apocalypse where the zombies are the good guys!" by [ profile] theladyscribe
(Er...minus the apocalypse. Sorry.)
Type: Hour-long procedural mystery/drama, with a horror twist. Late prime-time on NBC.
Setting: Modern day New York, with an alternate history.
Starring: Christopher Heyerdahl, Mehki Phifer, Sean Maher, Jane Lynch, Genevieve Cortese, Moon Bloodgood, Jaimie Murray, Dougray Scott, John Glover, Ali Larter.
Opening Credits: "Shadows" by Lindsey Sterling (from 1:20 to 1:43, blending into 2:28 to 2:50).
Features time-lapse sequences of public places where the action is sped up with the exception of one or two pale, dejected looking people. The final sequences center on Reggie. (Inspired by the Slipknot video "Vermillion" and the opening to 4400.)
Closing Credits: Reprise of "Shadows".
Synopsis: Like most people, Homicide Detective Gordon Atwood (Phifer) has lived most of his life blissfully unaware of the daily lives of post-vitals—an undead minority that has existed on the fringes of society since the early '60s. Reggie Simpson (Heyerdahl) is a post-vital counselor—his job is to guide newly-infected post-vitals, helping them cope with the strange hardships of their new lives. When one of Reggie's patients is accused of murder, Reggie poses as the man's lawyer. After providing information on post-vitals clearing his patient of the crime, Reggie finds himself attached to the investigation as Atwood and his partner, Alex Keyes (Maher), investigate a gang extorting post-vitals. Reggie is later tapped by Atwood to consult on other cases involving post-vitals.

Or: Gordon is a cop, Reggie is a zombie, together they fight crime. )
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Title: Impressed, Impression, Imprinted
Series: Life
Fandoms: Castle
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Angst, Humor, Smut.
Warnings: Light for biting/marking, blood-drinking, come eating (there's a warning I never thought I'd use) and omg smut.
Details: Slash, AU, genre!crack, zombies, PWP, hand jobs, infodump (a.k.a. "pornus interruptus"), biting, marking, possessive behavior, cheesiness, unbetad.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan.
Wordcount: 2,521
Summary: In which Kevin shares a bit of history (and is an irredeemable tease, but we all knew this), and Javier gains the upper-hand (as it were).
Details: Inspired by a comment by [ profile] hyuuganeji11. Immediately follows "You Bet Your Life".

"So, eleven," Javier finally managed. "That's...impressive." )

(Fanvid) Life

Wednesday, 1 August 2012 11:17 am
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This has been up on youtube for a while now, but I figured I'd post this and the Zeitgeist video in their own post so they can be commented on here rather than having to brave the scary shores of tube-space.

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Title: Adaptation
Series: Life
Fandoms: Castle
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Romance, Horror
Details: Slash, AU, genre!crack, zombies.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan
Wordcount: 55
Summary: Fifty-five words exactly on the subject of parental disappointment.
Notes: The author's note is longer than the fic itself...

If I tried to sum this up in the cut...I wouldn't have to bother with the cut. )
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Title: Substitution
Series: Life
Fandoms: Castle
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, Romance, PWP, Horror
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, biting/marking, bruises, references to bigotry, unbetad.
Details: Slash, AU, genre!crack, zombies, naughtiness, oral sex, boys in bathrooms, slight instances of infodumpage encroaching on porn.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan
Wordcount: 2,857
Summary: Kevin's POV from "Sublimation", both the events leading up to it, and what followed.
Notes: Because my subconscious is apparently so enamored of bathrooms it saw fit to revisit a fic I'd already written, only longer, dirtier and from Kevin's point of view. The actual hotness of this is very, very subjective. Not all parts of it are meant to be, because it's more important to me that it be honest to the realities of Javier's condition. Which...probably means I fail at PWP forever, but oh well. What little plot this has provides a better look at why Javier blew his lid in interrogation and how he, er—
(You know what, I'm not even going to go there. I'm pretty sure I'm already going to hell for this anyway...)

Kevin hadn't thought, laying eyes on their crime scene, that today would be one of the lucky ones. )
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I'll keep all the fic-specific stuff under a spoiler cut for anyone who doesn't read my writing, so you can just skip along to the end if you prefer, but it makes a lot more sense with context.

So today I was supposed to focus on finishing chapter five of my fic "Of Mice and Men" (so my apologies to [ profile] adja999 in advance). Instead, my brain decided to blindside me with a plot bunny for what at first glance looked like a Life AU story. As the idea developed, though, I could see it quickly devolving into a tract about neurodiversity, recreational drug use, and social conformity.

Because, apparently, somewhere along the way, Life became a kind of weird mental soapbox for me...

A description of something I may or may no ever write follows:

One idea that has been around in this 'verse since the beginning (and I kind of stole it for my journal title), but which was never really defined was the phrase "socially unacceptable deviance". This has always been distinct in my head from regression, but I've never really found the opportunity to establish that distinction. I've shown a few instances of both in Javier's behavior in the past, though I don't think I ever outright named them as such.

In "Quality of Life" and "Life Goes On", there are the two jarringly obvious examples of regressive behavior—the rat incident and Javier's scuffle with the maddened junkie—but a lot of Javier's difficulties during their first time were an example as well. In "A Proliferation of Hearts", I briefly describe the effects the color red can have on a post-vital's mood, specifically Javier, triggering "a faint, eager feeling", and leaving him feeling "overstimulated and unsettled". The decision not to describe the sensation as a specifically painful or unpleasant was intentional, as it was meant to represent the sort of relatively harmless regressive fluctuations alluded to in the beginning of "Occupational Hazards".

On the other hand, the "deviance" Dr. Waters alludes to in her notes on Javier's release refers to something else. The best examples are all in fics I haven't finished yet, but there have been a few in the stories I've already posted. When Javier indulges his taste for raw meat in "Thanksgiving" and "A Proliferation of Hearts", and when he lets his prey drive express itself through sex in "Sublimation", those are both considered "deviant" behaviors. And, though it doesn't yet apply to Javier, a post-vital choosing not to re-learn how to simulate involuntary breathing in order to seem more "alive" would be considered deviant as well.

Regressive behaviors are bad. They represent a lessened control that can be disruptive to a post-vital's life; distracting at best and outright dangerous at worst. Deviant behaviors, are conscious choices that diverge from the norm of being conventionally alive. Because vitality is a social norm to which post-vitals are still expected to adhere to, conventional life something they are expected to fake, even if their brains have been rewired to act differently.

So, the story.

Though I don't recall why, but I was thinking about post-vitals and the color red and this and a thought came to me about police lights. In my head-canon for the 'verse, while marketing people probably manipulate this feature of post-vital neurophysiology pretty mercilessly, in other areas people are probably more conscientious. They don't use red paint jobs for emergency vehicles anymore, after all the last thing you need during a high-stress emergency situation is the possible complication of having any otherwise stable post-vital involved reduced to a twitchy, unpredictable mess. And they especially don't use red emergency lights with their sirens, favoring white and blue instead.

But for the change to have been made, people would have to be aware of the effect in the first place...

The story would have started with Kevin and Javier going to question someone regarding a case, and catching the man—a post-vital former junkie—making recreational use of a red strobe light. After all, a lot of post-vitals are infected through the use of IV drugs, and intravenous drug use is probably a lot less effective when you don't have a pulse to take the chemicals to the brain. So you have to figure something would fill the void. The light induces a mild regressive state, lowering inhibitions and releasing endorphins to yield a sort of "predatory high". It isn't illegal, and it's no more dangerous than getting drunk—not that flickering lights would be possible to regulate if it was—but it's a deviant practice. It is embracing a mental state that is not normal. Some would say not human.

The man they've come to question more or less acts like he's been caught jerking off, and runs off at the mouth, at one point asking Javier if he's ever tried it. Javier firmly states that he hasn't, and his mood takes a serious nose dive. Talking about it afterward, there would be a big angsty discussion about the simultaneous fear and want Javier often feels regarding his abnormal instincts, and the moral implications of indulging, even in a safe, controlled manner, a drive that could make him kill if it ever got out of hand.

All boiled down: Efforts to enforce conformity and normativity make my skin crawl, and the way that those things are often equated with "morality" piss me off. Some of our social norms (not killing, not stealing) are moral, but a lot of other social norms (standards of beauty) are (mostly) morally neutral, and many norms (historically, slavery) harm others, which in my definition of the word makes them immoral. Morality should be based on respect for ourselves and others rather than an arbitrary and changeable clusterfuck of "rules" that consensus society has put together. One person should only have as much say in who another person is as that second person allows.

I do not want someone, anyone, telling me who or what I should be.

And all that tried channeling itself into a story about zombies getting high off of strobe lights. That is all.
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Title: A Proliferation of Hearts
Series: Life
Fandoms: Castle
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst, Humor.
Warnings: Slash, AU, genre!crack, zombies, established relationship, cheesiness, fluff, mild squick, unbetad.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan.
Wordcount: 1,879
Summary: Which concerns dubious holiday purchases, Javier being uncharacteristically sentimental, Kevin being characteristically demented, and the probability of them actually waiting for dessert approaches zero.
Details: Written for [ profile] ryanandesposito's Valentine's Day Mini Ficathon. A little late.
This probably reads very strangely to anyone who hasn't read my Life series, but all you need know is that Javier is just a tiny bit...undead.
I know I said a V-Day fic for Life would wind up too cheesy, but— Um, no, actually I was right. It's way cheesy. I just did it anyway.

To be quite honest, the thing which had surprised Javier the most was that it was even possible for him to find the holiday any more offensive than he already had. )
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Title: Occupational Hazards
Series: Life
Fandom: Castle
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Horror.
Warnings: AU, genre!crack, zombies, prejudice, infodump, unbetad.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan
Wordcount: 1,350
Summary: With everything falling back into place, it was easy to forget sometimes how many demons had needed slaying to reach that point...
Details: Life AU, where Javier is a zombie and Montgomery is still alive. Usually these are slash, but this is a flashback so it doesn't really come up.

Even those who didn't think of themselves as prejudiced often believed allowing post-vitals to perform certain jobs was controversial... )
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Title: You Bet Your Life
Series: Life
Fandoms: Castle
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship, Fluff, Angst.
Warnings: AU, genre!crack, zombies, unbetad.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito, Richard Castle, Kevin Ryan.
Wordcount: 610
Summary: On writer-wrangling and rites of passage.
Details: Takes place in the same universe as "Quality of Life" where Javier is a zombie, and Montgomery is still alive. Most other fics in that 'verse are slash, but it doesn't really enter into this one.

"Jesus, Castle, sit still. You're going to be fine." )


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