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Castle (Gen)
The Scottish Play—An unusual take on "famously fatherless". (Crossover with Gargoyles)
The Magician—Kevin Ryan's destiny holds more than his future plans anticipate. (Pre-series. Magical realism/urban fantasy AU.) [Teaser]
Vasa Jijri—A crossover with the Elder Scrolls series of games (specifically Skyrim). Barely Castle related (though it stars Kevin, as a kid), but it ties into a planned fusion series.

Castle (Esposito/Ryan)

Which is not an AU so much as it simply happens to concern werewolves.
Evidence to the Contrary—In which Javier assures Kevin that there are no werewolves in Manhattan.
Stupid Questions (And Other Things That Don't Exist)—In which two drunk werewolves wax meta on the supernatural, and apparently everyone's adorable. (Fluff)
Magic Enough in Moonlight—A full-moon weekend in the Hamptons. (Fluff)
Trier of Fact—Angst for no reason (or, Kevin's view of the events which lead up to "Evidence to the Contrary").
(Not So) Secret Santa—There were times when Kevin thought the whole werewolf thing was kind of a drag. (Fluff)
As True as the Sky—Javier answers some of the rumors that have been circulating among the NYPD. (Friendship)

A Once and Future Thing*
Threads of fate, woven and rewoven.

Deja Vu*—"Forever, baby?" (CastlexFirefly)
Jamais Vu*—"I swore an oath of honor never to abandon you." (xover with CastlexThe Eagle)
'Til Underverse Come*—When Riddick crosses the threshold into Underverse, he sees all. (CastlexThe Chronicles of RiddickxVarious)
Keep What You Kill*—Riddick offers answers. Vaako should have been more curious about the questions. (The Chronicles of Riddick)

The Genus* Series:
Vulgar Latin and Xenophilia. (Or, what happens when the Sluggard mistakes John Carpenter's "The Thing" for a romance.)
Eadem Mutata Resurgo*—Most stories have a beginning and an end. Sometimes it's impossible to tell the difference. (Prequel to "Sui Generis".)
Sui Generis*—Javier confessed never expecting Kevin to believe him. Kevin didn't, but somehow, things still wound up spiraling frighteningly out of control...
Duo In Carne Una*—Months after the revelations which challenged everything he knew about his partner—and in the face of his looming wedding—Kevin makes his choice.

The Life* AU
A zombie AU in which an undead minority, called "post-vitals", have been in existence since the early '60s.
Quality of Life*
      Part One*/Part Two*
Life Goes On—Love can be a selfish emotion, and loving unconditionally the most selfish of all.

(See more in the Life Series masterpost.)

The Zeitgeist Series
A Castle-Heroes Crossover AU, featuring characters from NCIS.
One Giant Leap—Listen.  Javier Esposito has become unstuck in time.
InterludeOne Small Step—Just because you don't believe in ghosts doesn't mean they don't believe in you.
Black Edelweiss—Two weeks after Claire Bennet's televised leap from the Ferris wheel, the 12th handles it's first case delving into the strange world of specials.


Quis Custodiet

Fools Rush In—When Javier went missing, Kevin refused to give up hope. (crossover with Supernatural)

Roach Motel:  A Post Modern Tale of Slashy Goodness—A slash fic about slash fic, and the reaction of muses thereto.
Caffeine Induced Madness—A cautionary tale about of the dangers of java, for both characters and those who write them.
Free Fall—Beginnings and endings must often coincide.
Pressure—A coda to Knockout.
        Fracture—A coda to Knockout.
No Dominion—Kevin Ryan is given a second chance.  Crossover with Phillip Jose Farmer's Riverworld novels.
Women Scorned and Other Natural Disasters—A night of public nudity and misunderstandings shakes the status quo.
12x13—Kevin's dodgy sense of fashion had never gotten him in this much trouble before...  (xover with Warehouse 13)
Lessons in Each Other—Oh my god, did I manage to write totally angstless fluff? I did. I did didn't I?
Roadkill on the Highway of Life—History can be a difficult thing to throw away.
Trick or Treat—A new case brings back memories of a Halloween night long ago and events Javier suddenly remembers he had forgotten.
       Ghoulies and Ghosties—It's past midnight on their first Halloween together, and Kevin and Javier are finally ready to talk about it. Sort of.
Personal Demons—In a loving universe, the "monster fight" after the disastrous dinner in "Demons" might have gone something like this... (Pre-slash)
Pinned—Because in some way, it always has to be Castle's fault. (St. Patrick's Day)
Of Mice and Men—In which a city mouse visits the country, which predictably leads to trouble, and Javier almost gets eaten by a panther. Crossover with the comic series Fables.
Until Lambs Become Lions—There are things Javier knows about his partner's wife—ex-wife—that Kevin doesn't. (Pre-slash. Crossover with Grimm.) [Teaser]
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Title: The Scottish Play
Fandoms: Castle, Gargoyles
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Humor
Warnings: Het, genre!crack, AU, crack, crossover, unbetad.
Characters/Pairings: Castle—Martha Rodgers. Gargoyles—What, are you crazy? I'm not going to say it. ;)
Wordcount: 380
Summary: "And some curses are real, like the Scottish play." (2x19, Wrapped Up In Death ) Or, an unusual take on "famously fatherless".
Details: Also, I'm not sure how, but I'm sure this is somehow [info]coffeebuddha's fault...

He seemed more than happy to listen to her chatter on at length about old theater traditions and superstitions. )
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Title: Stupid Questions (And Other Things That Don't Exist)
Series: Evidence
Fandoms: Castle
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Supernatural.
Warnings: Slash, AU, genre!crack, werewolves, drunken naughtiness, fluff, meta, unbetad.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, Richard Castle, Kate Beckett (we'll say Caskett-ish, since I do eventually plan to go there in this 'verse, just not yet.)
Wordcount: 1,490
Summary: In which two drunk werewolves wax meta on the supernatural, and apparently everyone's adorable.
Details: Remember when, like, there were werewolves? Takes place in the same universe as "Evidence to the Contrary". I always had meant to revisit this 'verse, but this is sooo not how I imagined doing it. I blame public transit. I come up with the weirdest ideas on the train... I actually came up with this before Christmas, then intended to do it for New Years. With a few tweaks, though, it serves well enough for Valentines Day. Might as well. It's not like the Zeitgeist 'verse is ever getting a fic for that holiday, and I while I could probably do one for the Life 'verse it would probably wind up waaaay cheesier than I would ever want.

"Like...if werewolves are real, what else?" )
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Title: You Bet Your Life
Series: Life
Fandoms: Castle
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship, Fluff, Angst.
Warnings: AU, genre!crack, zombies, unbetad.
Characters/Pairings: Javier Esposito, Richard Castle, Kevin Ryan.
Wordcount: 610
Summary: On writer-wrangling and rites of passage.
Details: Takes place in the same universe as "Quality of Life" where Javier is a zombie, and Montgomery is still alive. Most other fics in that 'verse are slash, but it doesn't really enter into this one.

"Jesus, Castle, sit still. You're going to be fine." )

(Ficlet) 12x13

Friday, 7 October 2011 06:49 pm
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Title: 12 x 13
Fandom: Castle, Warehouse 13
Rating:  PG
Genre:   Sci-Fi, Romance, Humor
Characters/Pairing: Castle—Kevin Ryan, Kevin/Jenny, Kevin/Javier Warehouse 13—Claudia.
Warnings:  Slash, crossover, genre!crack.
Word Count:  396
Summary:  A crossover with Warehouse 13.

Details: Written for the Anonymous Ficlet- and Drabble-athon over on [ profile] ryanandesposito. I don't actually even watch Warehouse 13, so Claudia might be a little out of character. But my roomate watches religiously (and has a huge crush on her), and somehow this idea popped up.

"I'm really sorry about how things turned out with your fiance and everything." )
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Title:  Caffeine Induced Madness
Fandom: Castle
Genre: Humor, Crack
Rating/Warnings: T/PG-13, suggestive dialog, juvenille humor
Characters/pairings: Ryan/Esposito, Castle, Beckett, Lanie Parish.
Wordcount:  235

Summary:  Insane brainvomit spawned by a combination of insomnia, too much coffee, and the mad dash to finish my entry for [ profile] ryanandesposito before the deadline.

This way lies madness... )


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