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Title:  Caffeine Induced Madness
Fandom: Castle
Genre: Humor, Crack
Rating/Warnings: T/PG-13, suggestive dialog, juvenille humor
Characters/pairings: Ryan/Esposito, Castle, Beckett, Lanie Parish.
Wordcount:  235

Summary:  Insane brainvomit spawned by a combination of insomnia, too much coffee, and the mad dash to finish my entry for [ profile] ryanandesposito before the deadline.

"God damn it, Kev, why can't I be on top?"

"Shut up and take it, Javi. You know I've got the hard part."

"Can you guys hurry it up? This position is getting uncomfortable."

"Zip it, Castle. Do you want to do this or not?"

"Oh my God, Lanie, are they--"

"Mhm. Can't leave these boys alone for a moment."

"Kate! This is...totally not what it looks like."

"Really? Because it looks like I came back from lunch to find the three of you forming a human pyramid in the bullpen."

"Heh, yeah, about that. Alexis was talking about being a cheerleader. Did you know Ryan was on the cheer squad in high school?"

"Ugh... Say it louder, Castle, I don't think they heard you down in Robbery."

"What's with all the...cups... Just how much coffee have you guys had?"

"Way too many?  Plus four."

"Great, Castle, and I have to ride with you in the car... Come on."

"I'll try to avoid any behavior that would make shooting me justifiable--"

"Too late."

"Bye guys."

"I'll see you boys around, too. I've got a date with a fella downstairs if you get my meaning."


"Javier, I will end you..."

"Bye Lanie."

"Ah, damn it. I've got a footprint on my shoulder..."

"Sorry, Javi. I'll make it up to you."

"Oh? How's that?"

"Lets just say, you definitely get to be on top."
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