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So, staying on the general theme of my brain choosing stupid shit to distract itself from anything I should actually be doing, here is some fan art to go with my latest evil plot vampire bunny.

The two main things I'm up to lately are, of course, Castle fic and my D&D game. The setting in which I run my campaign is called Ravenloft, and for those who don't know anything about it, here's a quick rundown of the setting's history.

Ravenloft has its roots in a single adventure that was written to inject a little bit of gothic horror into existing campaigns. The basic plot involved the player characters being swept up by mysterious Mists into a dark fantasy world (generally from their own, most standard fantasy worlds) and being forced to face its monsters.

While Ravenloft went on to become a setting in it's own right, the world's rules still allow for that original structure to hold true, so that any campaign can find itself enjoying a detour through the Land of Mists. Among fans of Ravenloft and D&D in general, this sort of impromptu vacation is often known as a "Weekend in Hell".

That said, we all know I've never been able to resist a crossover to save my life...

I don't have much of a plot beyond that basic structure. That and Kate getting a chance to show what she learned about powder pistols in "Punked" and Castle getting to be a BAMF with his fencing skills. At some point, they'll probably meet Alanik Ray, who is kind of like Ravenloft's version of Sherlock Holmes ("He's an elf, Javi. We're investigating a murder a friggin' elf."). Oh, and Kevin pining for Jenny, and Javier (eventually) giving him a reason to get over it...

So because I don't know if this fic is going to be forthcoming (and because I'm a total dork) you get art instead.

This isn't the finished product. I still need to do a lot on it, specifically in tweaking the lighting of the background, and making it so the bodies all match the faces wearing them. Castle needs a better sword, too, and I'm probably gonna tweak colors, and add a few effects to make it look more ominous...

(Also, looking at it now, I think maybe Kate's head is too big.)

Javier's pose - Jierdan XV by Grinmir-stock
Kate's pose - Steampunk 3 by magikstock
Kevin's pose - Beren 11 by Jaymasee
Castle's pose - Pirate 15 by Karls-stock

Date: Thursday, 6 September 2012 08:40 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I'd read that fic! ;)

Love the art!!!


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