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Okay, first and foremost, I finally heard from my missing player. She's...well, she's not okay (i.e. she is still in the hospital, and in misery, and probably will be for a while), but that's still better than any of the possibilities my overactive imagination had been throwing at me.

So...that really sucks, but at least now I know.

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And I think there was more stuff I wanted to talk about, but I've either forgotten it, or will have to wait to see how other things turn out.
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My new years resolution to manage a to-do list has so far failed. So, instead here is a list of things I intend not to do in the near future:Here is a list of things... )

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My brain, you guys. Seriously. I get four and a half pages of Chapter 21 (40, if you count the Interludes) written on Friday morning (not even out of bed, just sittin' there typing for two hours without even getting up to pee), sit through a day of class dreaming about getting it done and posted, so I can do what I've been saying I might once I reached this chapter and post Chapter 1 to AO3 and what do I do when I get home?

I start firing off Audubon-style photomanips of Ravenloft's wildlife. Because apparently this is a priority.


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