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Meant to do another post sooner. Got distracted by stuff. Mostly good-ish stuff, I guess?

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So, like many I've finally made the effort to migrate myself on over from LiveJournal. This is actually my first proper post to Dreamwidth directly, though I'll be crossposting onto LJ as well for the time being.

(For as long as I remember to, anyway...)

I've been going through the imported posts and cringing at the number of broken links I'm going to have to fix. I had all my formatting for fic posts and especially for the chapters of fics, and fixing it is just going to be a nightmare... At least my anal retentive tagging practices are going to make that easier than it might otherwise have been. Yay me.

I'm going to attempt to post regularly. Again. Maybe it'll stick this time. Who knows. Going to try to do it on at least a weekly basis. Even if there's nothing to write about. If I can't think of anything I'll just talk about my dog or spiders or something.

Anyway. There are a few things that have gone on in the time since I last made a post of any substance. Some good, some bad, mostly scary in one sense or another. )

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Sunday, 18 December 2016 12:44 am
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Dec. 15    Dec. 17

Bealocwelm hafad fréone frcan forth onsended
Giedd sculon sing an gléomenn soriende
On Meduselde þæt he ma no wære
His dryhtne direst and maga deorost
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Well, it's certainly been a while since I've done one of these...

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So, NaNo is now officially over. This year I managed a total of 20,177 words...which really isn't bad considering my past attempts never eclipsed the 5k mark. While I didn't have the computer issues I did last year, there were a few sleepovers at my grandmother's and some personal upheaval that disrupted my workflow, so I'm actually rather proud of what I did accomplish. I've got a good six chapter lead on a story I plan to (hope to) finish and clean up for the Hobbit Big Bang. My previous attempts at a big bang were less than fruitful, but I'll be going into this with a significant outline and at least one cheerleader, so... *crossyfingers*

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There are probably other things I would talk about if I remembered them, but I don't.
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I'm drowsy and not feeling all that great, so I'll going to try to keep this fairly concise.

I recently went looking online for some sort of To Do List program. I found a site called HabitRPG Habitica that manages to combine the task list with, you guessed it, a roleplaying game. The site allows you to track your daily tasks and habits and set accomplishment goals. Completing tasks awards gold and experience which can be used to buy items and level up your avatar, while missing daily tasks and indulging bad habits sap your character's health.

My mother and I have both been tossing around some self-improvement talk lately, so we've decided to give it a try together. We'll see how it goes.

(Since one of my habit goals is to start posting actively on LJ again, if this approach bears fruit, no doubt I'll continue to talk about it here.)

Other stuff:
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(No, I don't know why the above topics morphed into horror film parodies...)

Oh, also my baby sister, Kenna, and her fiance came down for a visit in May. That was wonderful. I've lost my reservations about Destin: I was right, my first impressions were flawed by the circumstances. He's a good guy. Even my dad has decided he isn't awful (especially once he realized he was actually remembering her first boyfriend, who really was sort of a shit head). And they plan to move back to California within a year or so, which will be great, 'cause I miss her.

This wasn't remotely coherent, but at least it was something. Maybe more on a few things later.
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Okay, first and foremost, I finally heard from my missing player. She's...well, she's not okay (i.e. she is still in the hospital, and in misery, and probably will be for a while), but that's still better than any of the possibilities my overactive imagination had been throwing at me.

So...that really sucks, but at least now I know.

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And I think there was more stuff I wanted to talk about, but I've either forgotten it, or will have to wait to see how other things turn out.
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In the interest of getting myself back on track, I've gone and done a review of all the fics I previously considered myself at least somewhat "actively" working on...

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