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One of the odd things I love about Archive of Our Own is that, every once in a while, I'll find worthwhile reading there other than fic. There are a fair number of fandom essays hosted on the site, from author's arguments for or against a specific ship or characterization, to handy "how to" guides for certain tropes.

"Real Wolf Packs and How They Relate to Teen Wolf Werewolves" by burntotears )

"Ignorance of the Privileged: Problems With Erasing or Overlooking the Evidence of Hatred" by TeaOli )

"Bad Romance: Dracula, Twilight and Rape Culture" by 100indecisions )
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Considering the significe the date carries in "Black Edelweiss", I was disappointed in myself not having anything to post today. I considered doing a manip, but every concept I tried out for it came off as shallow and somewhat exploitative of the tragedies involved. So, since I have no new content to post, I thought I'd explore some of the elements behind Konrad/Kevin's backstory and why I chose them for the fic.

plus, bonus Vonnegut fan-wankery )
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This has been up on youtube for a while now, but I figured I'd post this and the Life video in their own post so they can be commented on here rather than having to brave the scary shores of tube-space.

Warning for spoilers if you haven't read Black Edelweiss:

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So the problem with trying to be subtle is that it occasionally falls badly short. Sometimes that's the fault of the reader for just being too thick to get it, but more often than not it's because you've assumed that you've articulated what was in your head in a way even resembling clear. And when what is going on in your head is sort of a snarled mess anyway, well... It's not hard to see how misunderstandings occur.

I tried to play an April Fools' Day prank and failed.

I'm sure that's happened to a lot of people over the years, with such disastrous results as loss of homes, lives, and horseradish. This was nothing so cataclysmic, but it did leave me feeling a little dumb.

April 1st is Castle's birthday in canon. I thought that I could get away with something cute. So today I posted an interlude for Black Edelweiss that suggested (okay, outright stated) that Konrad Reichardt is Castle's father. I thought I could at least get a giggle out of it. Of course, I failed to take into account the fact that my reputation as a ficwriter is built on such things as zombies, werewolves, aliens, and fairytale mice...

So, yeah, I miscalculated that one. And here I am posting this 11:30 my time, April Fools' not quite gone yet, lamenting my failure to pull a fast one.

Okay, so the funny thing is that Konrad being Castle's father wasn't the joke. It was it being a joke that was supposed to be the joke. But nobody picked up on the April 1st thing, probably because it is Castle's birthday, which was my excuse for posting "real" Zeitgeist canon that I was tired of sitting on but not quite ready to actually reveal as a "joke" anyway. So...yeah. Epic fail on my part.

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Title: Black Edelweiss
Series: Zeitgeist
Follows: One Giant Leap
Wordcount: 1,253
Summary: Two weeks after Claire Bennet's televised leap from the Ferris wheel, the 12th handles it's first case delving into the strange world of specials. Evidence points the investigation toward a former Company Agent, a man Noah Bennet would swear up and down doesn't exist.
Details: Minimal details due to inflation. Full warnings and details in main post.
Warning: This interlude contains spoilers for the Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap.

Konrad—Manhattan, New York; August 1968 )
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Two manips I made for my CastlexHeroes crossover "Black Edelweiss". Please don't click the cut if you haven't read, because these pictures give away a key part of the plot. I've gone back and edited a link to these into the appropriate chapter so that new readers can see them from there...

...plot spoilers beneath the cut. )
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Title: Black Edelweiss
Series: Zeitgeist
Follows: One Giant Leap
Fandoms: Castle, Heroes.
Rating: R
Genre: Sci-fi, Suspense, Angst, case fic (if you squint).
Warnings: References to vivisection, torture, human experimentation, September 11th, and the Holocaust.
Details: Pre-slash, crossover, AU, genre-crack, angst, character focus slanted by shameless author bias, interpretation of minor characters bordering on OCs, angst, blatant denial of canon character deaths, questionable character deconstruction (to say the least), "morally grey", canon abuse, time travel, and angst.
Wordcount: 113k+
Characters/Pairings: Castle—ensemble, Ryan/Esposito pre-slash. Heroes—Noah, Angela, Tracy, Hiro, Peter, Sylar, mention of various others. Allusions to characters from NCIS.
Summary: Two weeks after Claire Bennet's televised leap from the Ferris wheel, the 12th handles it's first case delving into the strange world of specials. Evidence points the investigation toward a former Company Agent, a man Noah Bennet would swear up and down doesn't exist.
Notes: Takes place post-series for Heroes, and post- Nikki Heat and Knockdown for Castle. Takes place after my story "One Giant Leap" (for a given value of "after").
I'm fudging the timeline of both shows a bit, but specifically for Heroes, assuming a longer period of time between Volume 3 and 4, and that the series finale, Brave New World, took place in early December of 2010.
Disclaimer: Slash, superpowers and Nazis.
And while it seems almost a waste of time to disclaim this, no, I am not in any way a supporter of Nazi ideals, white supremacy or the Third Reich. I'm just an insane history-loving sci-fi nerd, and I like to acknowledge that Nazis, despite having been human beings moved by human desires, are one of the most universally one-dimensional characters in all of fiction, and wanted to present one that wasn't...
Remember, it's a crossover with Heroes , where things are almost always a bit "morally grey".
That said, there's enough wrong with this whole story for you to hate me, regardless. If for no other reason than because "empathic mimicry" is a horrible cop-out of a power, and is a horrendous plot device even when Peter had it.
This is without a doubt the most psychotic story idea I've ever conceived of, and I apologize in advance to anyone who actually reads this. Castle fans most especially.
Title is borrowed from the memoir by Johann Voss (which I haven't read, I just thought it fit).

View Chapters... )

(Fic) One Giant Leap

Wednesday, 27 July 2011 07:19 pm
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Title: One Giant Leap
Series: Zeitgeist
Fandoms: Castle, Heroes and NCIS.  Others hinted.
Rating: PG
Genre: Sci-fi, Angst
Warnings: Genre!crack, time travel, pre-slash (or slash, 'cause, you know, time-travel), crossover, AU, future!fic.
Wordcount: 8,269 words of naked insanity.
Characters/Pairings: Castle—Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, mention of others.
Summary: "I know this is crazy, but it's real. When it's over, go ahead and believe it was all a dream. You'll know better soon enough. I can't give you much without risking events still ahead of you. You've been pulled into the future. Your future. My present."
Details:  Written for [ profile] ryanandesposito's July ficathon.  I'm fudging the timeline for both shows to make this work. Takes place after "Last Call" but before "Nikki Heat" for Castle, and before "Brave New World" for Heroes. More or less... This is actually prologue for a larger fic, a very bizarre multi-crossover series I've been constructing. It mostly foreshadows the general shape of where it's universe would be headed.

Suddenly all the fake vampires, psychics, alien abductions, and curses felt like some sort of twisted dress rehearsal. )
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The Zeitgeist Series:  A Castle-Heroes Crossover, featuring characters from NCIS.

One Giant Leap—Listen. Javier Esposito has become unstuck in time.
Interlude 0: One Small Step—Just because you don't believe in ghosts doesn't mean they don't believe in you.

Volume One:
Black Edelweiss—Two weeks after Claire Bennet's televised leap from the Ferris wheel, the 12th handles it's first case delving into the strange world of specials.
(5/13/2017- Chapters links currently direct back to the original LiveJournal posts. I'm working on correcting this.)

Volume Two:
Detective Kevin Ryan is still picking up the pieces of his life in the wake of their last mind-blowing case. Though reluctant to look any closer at Konrad's past, he might not have a choice once pieces of that past start looking for him. Meanwhile, Javier finds himself at odds with Bennet once again when a local specials-involved case is thrown their way. [WIP]


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