(Fic) One Giant Leap

Wednesday, 27 July 2011 07:19 pm
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Title: One Giant Leap
Series: Zeitgeist
Fandoms: Castle, Heroes and NCIS.  Others hinted.
Rating: PG
Genre: Sci-fi, Angst
Warnings: Genre!crack, time travel, pre-slash (or slash, 'cause, you know, time-travel), crossover, AU, future!fic.
Wordcount: 8,269 words of naked insanity.
Characters/Pairings: Castle—Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan, mention of others.
Summary: "I know this is crazy, but it's real. When it's over, go ahead and believe it was all a dream. You'll know better soon enough. I can't give you much without risking events still ahead of you. You've been pulled into the future. Your future. My present."
Details:  Written for [livejournal.com profile] ryanandesposito's July ficathon.  I'm fudging the timeline for both shows to make this work. Takes place after "Last Call" but before "Nikki Heat" for Castle, and before "Brave New World" for Heroes. More or less... This is actually prologue for a larger fic, a very bizarre multi-crossover series I've been constructing. It mostly foreshadows the general shape of where it's universe would be headed.

Suddenly all the fake vampires, psychics, alien abductions, and curses felt like some sort of twisted dress rehearsal. )
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The Zeitgeist Series:  A Castle-Heroes Crossover, featuring characters from NCIS.

One Giant Leap—Listen. Javier Esposito has become unstuck in time.
Interlude 0: One Small Step—Just because you don't believe in ghosts doesn't mean they don't believe in you.

Volume One:
Black Edelweiss—Two weeks after Claire Bennet's televised leap from the Ferris wheel, the 12th handles it's first case delving into the strange world of specials.
(5/13/2017- Chapters links currently direct back to the original LiveJournal posts. I'm working on correcting this.)

Volume Two:
Detective Kevin Ryan is still picking up the pieces of his life in the wake of their last mind-blowing case. Though reluctant to look any closer at Konrad's past, he might not have a choice once pieces of that past start looking for him. Meanwhile, Javier finds himself at odds with Bennet once again when a local specials-involved case is thrown their way. [WIP]
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I made a list of some of my favorite police-themed slash fiction. Or, at least, my favorite slash fics involving police characters. Compiled for [livejournal.com profile] cop_slash, but I thought I'd post it here, too, for anyone who was interested.

Cop Slash )


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